Small Town Sweets

Being one of four kids I am no stranger to family road trips. They are usually 5+ hours of speeding down the highway, fast food stops and singing along to the radio until our voices give out, but this impromptu trip was short, very sweet and something I’m not likely to forget!

While living in small town Indiana in the 1960’s, my grandparents opened a donut shop in a little A-Frame building and after 56 years Mary Lou Donuts is still one of the most popular places in town!

I never knew my Grandma Mary Lou even though my mom constantly tells me I act just like her. I guess being extremely irritable in the morning and having no “inside voice” runs in the family- sorry mom. But the whole point of our quick trip to Lafayette Indiana was to see the legacy my grandmother created.

Street View Mary Lou Post

Stools Mary Lou Post

Pin Ups Mary Lou Post

Right when you walk in you are surrounded by the smell of freshly baked donuts hot out of the fryer. It is such a cozy environment to be in and one of my favorite parts was to just watch the “regulars” chat with the employees and have the secret knowledge that my grandparents created this warm community.

Apple Fritter Mary Lou Post

Donut Racks Mary Lou Post

Donut Maker Mary Lou Post

Mixer Mary Lou Post

The donuts were amazing (no I’m not bias) and I am so grateful for the bakers who got to work at 4:45 (A.M!!) just so I could have a huge, warm apple fritter that could have fed four people.

Everyone was so kind and inviting even when our family of six crammed into the back kitchen for a tour (this is as close to famous as we’re ever going to get!)

Baking is one of my biggest passions. Something about it brings me so much joy and this trip made me realize that being told I act like my grandmother is one thing but becoming aware that we are connected through this simple and delicious pass time made it 10 thousand times better!

Even though it doesn’t seem like much, make it a point to stop in a quaint small town like Lafayette because you never know what little hidden gems you could find!



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