Don’t Cry-PACK!

This is packing for the unorganized. A look inside how my brain functions as I pack for a big trip the day before I’m leaving! (Procrastination is not encouraged but inevitable…)

Throw all the clothes that you think you want to bring into a giant pile on your bed.

Realize that you’re only gone for a week and throw at least 5 things out of the unorganized mess onto the floor.

To all you neat freaks out there- organization goes out the window during the first few steps and once it’s all said and done it looks like you will have to sleep on the couch because your bed is cluttered with crap.

Make sure the suitcase will hold everything (and yes I mean everything-pillow included)

Freak out!

Start binge watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix as a well deserved “break”.

5 episodes later- Look back at your bed and come to terms with the fact that you have one day left to sort everything out AND write this blog post- groan- and get back to packing.

Write a list! Lists are organized right?

Roll, fold and shove all of your outfits, blankets and supplies into the case ready to finally shut it.

. . . . . . .

Until you can’t find your phone.


I mean- don’t panic!

Search your entire room.

Call it from your mom’s phone and hear it ring! …At the bottom of your suitcase.

Yeah. Remember when I said pack everything, not your phone.

Accept that the beautifully Tetris-ed bag will never be organized, rummage through it to grab your phone and zip it shut with a firm “Good Enough” look on your face.

Accepting you are an unorganized person is the first step to making packing less painful.


I’m going on a week long service trip starting Sunday so I will be gone for awhile with no internet. I’m sad I can’t blog while I’m away but it will be a nice break and I’m sure I will have some great story time posts for you guys when I get back!

Thank you all so much for the support and I hope you enjoyed this look inside my brain 😉

Write soon!

(Bonus points if you got the Dan and Phil reference in the title of this post!!)



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  1. Enjoy your holiday. It gives you a different perspective being away from all the technology . 🙂


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