Night Time Pamper Routine

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Every once in awhile it’s good to take time for yourself. I’m finally readjusting to being back home after a long vacation and having a relaxing pamper evening before bed is something I have done frequently! There is something about showering and treating myself at night that puts me in a very happy, sleepy mood.

Some of my favorite products to use on nights like this are ranges with subtle scents. Something that I find myself constantly reaching for is the Olay Fresh Outlast Body Washes (Not sponsored). They are so hydrating and leave your skin feeling super soft when you slip into your PJ’s! Hair masks are also lifesavers while you soak in the bath. At the moment, I’ve been using the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and it hasn’t disappointed (Still not sponsored! I just love these products.)

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On particularly stressful days, I definitely choose soaking in a bath filled with my favorite soaps, salts and bath bombs as opposed to a shower. The thing that I like the most about baths is the fact that I can light tons of candles to surround myself with. Bath and Body Works may be the death of my wallet! My favorite 3 wick candle right now is the scent Radiant Red Maple– I try to justify using it all year because it is a sweet scent- but I love it too much to slot it into one season.

facewash night postface night postMe night post

The final step in pampering yourself is to wash your face. I use a light exfoliater and avocado face mask to clean out my pores. A clean, make up free face feels so refreshing after a long day and with a couple swipes of my Pond’s Rich Hydrating Moisturizer I am ready for bed.

Cozy PJ’s and a surplus of pillows and blankets make it easy to fall asleep soundly after taking some “me” time. It is never selfish to take a night to focus on yourself weather you do this once a month or 3 times a week!





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