Phone Detox

Hey guys!

I have had such a crazy week and a half since I last wrote!

Basically, every year my family takes a week long trip and spends it at my cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (Photo Book Post definitely coming soon!) It was super relaxing, adventurous and beautiful as always but there was one small change.

I decided to leave my phone at home.

I know- *gasp* a whole 8 days being off the grid and out of touch.

I was a little apprehensive to say the least. Essentially, my phone holds my entire life on its tiny hard drive. I reach for it way more then I should and for the dumbest reasons. Feeling its weight missing from my back pocket definitely took some getting used to and I kept feeling like I misplaced it somewhere along the way.

At the first of many shifty rest stops, I had a moment of panic because I thought I left it in one of the stalls as we were already driving away. The paranoia didn’t last forever though.

The car ride was 9 hours non-stop but luckily my sister ditched her phone too so we entertained ourselves by dueting to the Hamilton Soundtrack and napping to make the time go by faster.

Once we finally reached our destination and started to settle in, I barely noticed that I didn’t have my phone!

In my down time I picked up a book as opposed to skimming aimlessly through Twitter. When I wasn’t swimming in the bay, tubing behind the boat or tanning in the sun, I could write about what was around me and appreciate it for what it was.  I wasn’t scrolling through Instagram worrying about someone else’s life- I was focused on mine.

You know how if you stare at something for long enough your vision goes in and out of focus? Being away from my phone shifted my focuses and priorities a lot like that and gave me some new perspective.

It taught me to really appreciate the little things everyone often takes for granted. A flower is better smelled then photo shopped for your latest status update and a sunset should be experienced through your eyes not always your phone.

I want to challenge you guys to disconnect for a week- or even just a day, and see what a world of difference it can make!

I have used my phone a lot less since I got back and even though I still have HOURS of YouTube to catch up on I’m not too worried. I’m not disowning my technology forever but a few breaks every now and again have made me a much happier person!

Thanks for reading another ramble! Be prepared for loads of picture posts from my trip that were taken with a variety of different peoples phones and cameras (as I didn’t have mine haha).




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