Sometimes Friends Grow Apart

Friends grow together but oftentimes they grow apart. That’s okay. When I moved to Illinois and found a group of people I clicked with- that was it. Lily, Lesley, Audrey and I were the Core 4. (I did change their names for the sake of the story). We had other friends, sure, but when push came to shove the four of us were enough. We were the closest knit group of friends you would ever find. Always hanging out together at one of our houses and savoring what little free time we had spent together. All the way from the hallowed halls of our junior high through our Sophomore year of high school we remained best friends. But that’s when things started to change.  

Each of our personalities began to shift once Junior year hit. We all became more busy, more distracted, but things were still okay. Lily, Lesley and I could go months without really hanging out or talking and yet the second we were back together things were so natural. It was like we had just seen each other and everything was familiar. Audrey was a different story. I would go months without talking to her too but when we would reconnect she felt distant. She acted like she was better than us and that we were her backup friends. She clinged to popular trends and people, trying desperately to be cool. Her Core 4 wasn’t so cool anymore.

Months turned into a whole school year of silent hellos in the hall met with half-hearted smiles. The thing with this whole situation was that we never had some huge fallout. We simply grew apart. High school changes everyone and sometimes relationships formed as 7th graders don’t make it all the way to Senior year. And that’s okay.





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